Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Biggest night of the season

At the end of the season we could look back on tonight as where it all went right or wrong. Arsenal are at home to Liverpool, Chelsea visit Everton and Man Utd go to Aston Villa. I wouldn't like to predict how any of those matches will go.

As Arsene Wenger aluded to this week, of the top teams Arsenal have the easier run in (if there is such a thing) until the end of the season, and if results go our way tonight, it is just conceivable (as crazy as it sounds) that we might go the rest of the season unbeaten and maybe even win the league. But I don't want to get my hopes up!

Everton are a better side than their league position suggests. If, like Arsenal, they hadn't suffered a catastrophic injury crisis in the first half of the season, they would at least be competing for a place in the Euro Cup (or whatever it is they call the UEFA now) and maybe even for fourth place. (In fact, I've said it before but it is to Arsene Wenger's credit that Arsenal are even competing to be league champions this season when you look at what has happened to the other two teams who have suffered a similar amount of injuries, Everton and West Ham.) I would back Everton to beat most teams but what I'm concerned about is that Everton sometimes fail to perform against the so called bigger teams, as they did against Liverpool's 10 men at the weekend.

Aston Villa have already beaten ManUre this season and will fancy their chances again. ManUre, and Wayne Rooney in particular, are on fire at the moment (I wish!), but on the plus side Emile Heskey is doubtful for the match and if he doesn't play, Villa may be forced to play a forward who can actually score goals, so they may be in with a chance.

Arsenal's record at home against Liverpool has been good in recent years, if they can overcome the disappointment of two defeats against the aforemention ManUre and Chelski, and a disappointing draw against Villa, they should be able to beat Liverpool.

Let's hope they don't disappoint.

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