Thursday, 4 March 2010

Arsene Wenger is like Karl Marx

Karl Marx in Lego (courtesy dunechaser)
A lot has been said about Aaron Ramsey in the last few days; indeed, a lot continues to be said. Arsenal fans and players continue to berate Ryan Shawcross, Stoke City and all those other cloggers, while everyone else continue to defend them.

As a final word on the subject (until the next time!), I refer readers to an interesting article on the Mumbling and Stumbling blog (which I don't think has been mentioned on any other Arsenal blogs) comparing Arsene Wenger to Karl Marx and Stan Pulis to a capitalist lacky.

To me it still seems very wrong that opposing managers and players can speak openly before matches about how they are going to kick Arsenal off the pitch and no-one seems to see any problem with this. I'm not sure whether this is my natural Arsenal bias or a sign of the xenophobic Society we live in.

It will be interesting to see whether this openness about the aggression still happens in future or whether managers and players will be more circumspect. Owen Coyle has always seemed to me a very fair man, so Arsenal's match with Burnley this weekend may not the time to judge. The match against Phil Brown's Hull City next weekend will provide a better opportunity. I suspect that we may see it happening less for a while, but it will come back when everyone has forgotten about the Ramsey incident.

Watch this space!

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