Saturday, 20 March 2010

Exclusive - Interview with Terry Bull

Mr Terry Bull, Yesterday (courtesy K2D2vaca)

I keep hearing that getting Barcelona in the Champions League is a Terry Bull draw for Arsenal. But who is Terry Bull, what does he have to do with the Champions League draw, and does he deserve such a bad reputation?

Maybe Terry Bull is the bloke who pulls his balls out of his bag for UEFA? (Although, technically, UEFA don't have bags, and I'm not sure they've got any balls.) Well, I managed to get an exclusive interview with Bull and asked him if he thought he generally got a bad rep in the press.

"Yes, most certainly", said Bull, "Take the Barcelona vs. Arsenal draw, for example. Everyone knows that you've got to beat the best teams to get to the final, so it doesn't really matter who you get drawn against."

Indeed. In fact, from Arsenal's point-of-view, it may be better to draw Barca at this stage because if we beat them, we'll be on a high and it will give us the confidence to take on the big boys; whereas if we lose, that means we don't have to play so many matches.

I think a full strength Arsenal can beat Barca if luck is on our side. I'm not so sure we can do it without William Gallas. I can envisage Thierry Henry tearing Sol Campbell (or Lionel Messi tearing Michael Silvestre) a new posterior.

According to the official Arsenal website, William Gallas has developed a 'mysterious' calf injury. Meanwhile, in totally unrelated news, Gallas' contract expires at the end of the season. Talks on signing a new one have apparently stalled (with Arsene Wenger's policy of only giving one-year contracts to players over 32 apparently being a major stumbling block) and Gallas is now free to talk to other clubs.

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