Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Arsenal's biggest problem is their own fans

Alex Ferguson - Crap manager (picture courtesy checkmihlyrics)

Try to imagine how Man Utd fans must be feeling right now?

Having been handed a chance to pull away from Arsenal after their home draw against Liverpool, they threw it away. It's not the first time that it's happened this season either. Despite being given chance after chance by Arsenal to wrap up the league, they've blown it time and time again.

We've seen it against Fulham, Everton, Bolton, Sunderland, Citeh, Villa, Birmingham, Tottenham, Wolves, Liverpool and now (most recently) Newcastle.

The manager is crap and a lot of the players don't deserve to wear the United shirt. Sir Alex Ferguson should be sacked immediately and they should have a good clear out. What has 'Sir' Alex ever done for the club anyway? The man is a clown.

I mean, Spurs for f*** sake, they aren't even a proper team. Not like ManUSA and Liverpool who get all the referees' decisions given in their favour. If you don't even have that, how can you expect to win the league?

They will probably loose to Everton, Chelsea and Arsenal now and be lucky to qualify for the Champions League next season at this rate.

Tomasz Kuszczak and Wes Brown are shite. Obertan and Bebe? A f***ing disgrace. Totally sh**. And what about Owen Hargreaves and Michael Owen - what have they he done recently. They are just a burden on the wage budget. And Darren Gibson is just not good enough for this club in my opinion. They have a decent first-eleven, but just don't have the strength in depth. Don't even get me started on Johnny Evans.

United need to invest heavily in new players in the summer or they'll probably be relegated next season. The squad just isn't strong enough. But the owners are only interested in putting us into huge debt and making a quick buck.

Does any of this sound familiar? It's what I expect a large Arsenal fans would be saying right now if they were ManUre fans. But ManUre fans aren't saying that, of course.

I don't think it is any coincidence that Arsenal have the best away record in the Premier League but such a poor home record. Our home support is shite.

If Liverpool had been away to ManUre last Sunday instead of Arsenal, their fans would have been right behind their team, urging them on and howling at every refereeing decision to put pressure on him. All I could hear at the Emirates were moans and groans. It sounded as if they didn't want their team to win, and they certainly didn't deserve for their team to win. All that nervousness in the crowd passes itself on to the players on the pitch.

As fans, we don't realise how lucky we are. I would love to be able to go to Ashburton Grove every home match and cheer on my team but I can't. Those who can should be more grateful and really get behind their team.

So come on Gooners, give the team your backing and we can win this league!

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