Friday, 28 June 2013

Rooney fed up according to Manchester Evening News

Wayne Rooney is fed up at Man United according to the local paper, the Manchester Evening News.

Rooney has been at ManUre for nine years and it appears he is now bored with the prospect of playing and training for the most successful team in England and getting paid £200,000, plus bonuses, for the privilege and desperately wants a move (well, it's either that or he's after another pay increase).
'M.E.N. Sport understands the England international is still determined to quit the Reds – even after initially viewing new manager David Moyes’ appointment as the chance of a fresh start.'
Now I would normally dismiss this as absolute tosh, but the fact that it is the local paper makes me think there may be something in it as local papers often have all the insider gossip. They go on to say that:
'A move from Arsenal is expected to start a bidding war for the £25m-rated forward.
But Arsene Wenger is certain to face stiff opposition from United, who will be determined not to strengthen a domestic rival.
'That should also rule out a move to Chelsea – even though Jose Mourinho has indicated that he would like to take Rooney to Stamford Bridge.
'City will also be monitoring the situation following the departures of Mario Balotelli and Carlos Tevez in the past six months, but United will not even entertain the thought of selling to their fiercest rivals.'
To me this reads as if Rooney has told Merchandise United that he would like to leave and someone at the club has passed the story to the paper to try to drum up some bids. This is backed up as they go on to say that:
'With two years to run on his contract, United cannot risk allowing him to enter the final 12 months of his deal without an extension being agreed.
'That means this could be their best chance to cash in on him if he makes it clear that he has no intention of staying.
'But United do still have the power to determine where he goes if they decide to sell.'
They also say that 'Rooney has known for some time that Old Trafford's board will not countenance moves to Chelsea or City.

'Arsenal could be a slightly different prospect given that they have not been genuine title rivals in recent years.'

(Humph, the bloody cheek!)

However, much as I would like to see Rooney at Arsenal, I can't help feeling that his wages will be the key issue. He will as likely as not be looking for a pay increase on top of his already (reported) £200k per week and although Arsenal have said that they are now willing to pay higher wages than at present, I can't see them stretching that far to be honest.

My bet is that he will either sign a new contract and stay at Old Trafford or move to somewhere like PSG who can afford higher wages.

But I hope I'm wrong.

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