Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Drogba is The Predator

Above: Didier Drogba

It has been three days since we lost the Chelski and only now have l calmed down enough to able to write about it coherently.

When Thierry Henry used to play for Arsenal, I used to say that on some days it was like watching a big kid play with the little kids in the playground because he stood out so much. Sadly, TH14 no longer plays for the Arse and Didier Drogba now seems to have taken over that mantle. Watching him play against us on Sunday, it really was like the big kid in the playground, especially when he scored the second goal. Even as an Arsenal fan it was hard not to admire his skill, confidence and determination.

Yet it  is possible to stop Drogba. Although he has a record of better than a goal a game against us, against other teams (and especially against the other top teams) his record, though still good, is less impressive. We just need to work out what other teams do to stop him and then try and do the same.

One obvious thing we could change would be to take steps to stop us being caught on the counter attack so often. Arsene Wenger has complained many times about players repeatedly committing tackles in non-dangerous areas of the field where the won't get booked to slow down the play and prevent Arsenal from counter attacking. Well, guess what? No amount of complaining by AW is going to change referees' stance on this and suddenly make them start booking players for it. The thing is, why do Arsenal not employ the same tactic more often themselves? Is it because of some kind of idea Arsene Wenger has about sportsmanship? Well, f*** that! Nice guys come last.

Also no lessons were apparently learnt when we lost to ManUre nor when we played Chelski at Ashburton Grove earlier in the season. In both games we threw people forward without thought to what would happen if we lost the ball. As I said in an earlier post about the ManUre match, Sagna, Clichy, Song, Vermaelen and Gallas all seemed to appear in attacking positions with alarming regularity leaving us with no cover at the back. I wouldn't have been surprised to see Manuel Almunia going on a mazy run after dribbling out of his box (oo-er!).

I had hoped that these lessons would have been learnt by now. The fact that they haven't been is perhaps a sign that the side lacks a bit of maturity.

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